Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who likes Oreos?!?

My last year of college we lived next door to an apartment of Freshman boys.  We were good friends and we did a lot together.  One day Cooper runs over and says, "You HAVE to try these!  They're amazing!"  He offers us one and tells us that they are so rich we will only be able to eat one.  We try a bite of the most amazing substance I've ever tried.  He told us they were called Oreo truffles.  While he was there we each only ate one, but after he left I looked at RaeAnn and said, "Well, I don't know about you, but I could have eaten more than one!  They are delicious!"  We laughed and she said she could have eaten far more than just one.  They were so good that we had to get the recipe and make them so that all our friends could try them.  We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to try this amazing treat.  This is how I feel about the gospel!  I know how "delicious" the gospel is to me.  I cannot wait to let everyone try it for themselves and see how wonderful it actually is!  Oreo Truffles may entertain our taste-buds for a few minutes, but the gospel will fill our soul for eternity!  I dare you to "try" the gospel.

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