Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Something from... well T-shirts

 This t-shirt doesn't seem to have a whole ton of appeal, just a simple t-shirt.  It doesn't feel like anything special.  Do you ever feel that way?  Some days we seem to wake up and feel like we're just a yellow-striped t-shirt, but on those days we need to remember that we are children of our loving Heavenly Father.  We have infinate potential.  We can be transformed from a plain old t-shirt into something else. 
This shirt can go from just an old t-shirt to a fancy scarf.  Does it take some work?  Yes!  Does it take some pain?  Yes!  Is it an easy process?  No, there's multiple steps and you have to use your brain! Does it hurt?  Possibly, you have to cut the t-shirt into strips and then pull on it so that it curls in, then you have to be creative and tie some into braids and make them different lengths and make it look just how you want.  Then last of all you have to tie, trim, and wrap it so it stays together how you want it to.  
We all know I don't write a blog to explain how to make crafts, but as I contemplated the steps to making something it occurred to me that as we allow the Lord to create with us what he wants we will turn out to be something miraculous and wonderful (far better than any scarf will ever be).  It may not be easy to follow our Heavenly Father's counsel, but I know that as we do he will bless us and turn us into something beautiful.  We are not here just to go through life, but to learn, grow and be molded into the person our Heavenly Father knows we can be.  So when times get hard and we wake up and feel like an ugly old t-shirt just remember that with Heavenly Father leading the design we can become a fancy scarf.  We can go from practically nothing to something!  I know that Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of each and every one of us.  He allows things to come our way to shape us and make us.  He hasn't forgotten you and HE NEVER WILL!

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