My Mission

My mission began on July 28th, 2010.  I left my home in Utah and went to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, Utah.  I said bye to everyone I knew and went to make new friends. 
Some roommates from back home.
I was in the MTC for almost 3 weeks and then I flew to Montana.  When I got here I stayed right in Billings for about 3 months.  How I loved it.  I got the best trainer (my first companion) in the world.  Her name is 
Sister Frederiksen.  I had such a hard time leaving those that I had come to love in Billings.
Sister Frederiksen and I
After my adventure in Billings I went over to Polson, Ronan, and St. Ignatius.  What a beautiful area it is there.  It reminded me much of home with the mountains and no wind.  I met wonderful people and fell in love with the wards that I served in there.  I had a great companion there as well. Her name was Sister Baird. 
Sister Baird and I in the snow.  No we're not homeless just playing a joke! :D
Sister Baird and I split the area and I got a new companion to help me cover Ronan and St. Ignatius.  Sister Mace came up to be my companion at this point.  She is the only companion that I've had that has been shorter than me.  She stood at a whopping 4' 10".  Everyone would ask us if we were supposed to be in school.  We got a laugh out of that considering neither of us had been in school for years.
Sister Mace and I on my Birthday!

In March I left Montana and went down to Wyoming.  I got to serve in Lovell, Byron, and Cowley.  I thought the weather in Montana changed fast until I went to Wyoming.  I loved the towns and the wards.  About the only thing I didn't like about the area was that there was sales tax!  :)  A small price to pay to get to know the people there in Wyoming.  I had two companions while I was there.  I went down and was companions with Sister Nez first.  We had some good times and then I sent her home to be with her family.
Sister Nez and I waiting for General Conference to start.
  When Sister Nez abandoned me and went home I got a brand new missionary!  Sister Berry came to be my new companion.  I had so much fun with her.  She is a great missionary!  I realized that when I was called as a trainer I was actually called to be trained again.  I learned so much from Sister Berry.  I am so grateful that I was able to be her companion!
Sister Berry and I at our favorite restaurant- Cow Town.

Sister Berry and I served together for three months and then I got moved again.  I came up to the Great Falls Zone to serve with Sister Williams.  We cover four wards, the Sun River Valley, Fairfield, Choteau, and Conrad wards.  Sister Williams and I laughed so much and had so much fun while we worked hard.  We saw so many miracles and enjoyed our time together.
Sister Williams and I with a cool kid. :D
Something else happened that was interesting when I got here to the Great Falls Zone.  My Aunt Louise and Uncle Marvin lived in Great Falls and I got to have lunch with them at their home.  It was a happy surprise and made my day.  I actually ate lunch with them on my year mark. :)
My Aunt Louise and I at lunch!
Then as always transfer calls came and Sister Williams left me.  I was so sad to see her go.  From the call I found out that I was training.  I was incredibly nervous knowing that there was a 25% chance I was training an old friend.  In fact, my roommate of two years was flying to Montana that Tuesday.  I waited patiently (or not) from Friday to Wednesday to find out my fate.  I found out that I was training Sister Green, MY ROOMMATE!!!!! What a happy reunion it was after just over a year!  What a joy it has been to serve with her.  Yet again, I have been called to be trained!  She has taught me so much about being a missionary.  I know I am spoiled and this is a very rare opportunity to serve with an old friend, but I am so grateful for the time I have to serve with her.
Sister Green and I after a year of not seeing each other.  She just stepped off the van!
Sister Lougee came to be my companion when I sent Sister Green off to Thompson Falls.  She is a wonderful missionary and I am so thankful to have been able to get to know her and serve the Lord with her.  She has been a very fun sister and we have worked hard together.
Sister Lougee and I on a Preparation Day.

Currently: I am no longer a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but there is much work for each member of the church to do.  I miss Montana and Wyoming and the people I met and came to love.  I am so grateful for the time I had to be a missionary in this great area.  I just recently got a job at ARUP and am excited to further my career and my skills as a scientist.