Wednesday, July 20, 2011

By Small and Simple Things

I have been pondering on a lesson that President Gardner taught us during a training meeting.  As I was riding the transfer van from Billings to Helena and then coming to Great Falls there were areas where a lot of the pine trees were turning red and dying.  I remember that I knew what was happening.  The bark beetles were getting to these trees and ruining them.  A bark beetle at first glance wouldn't seem very threatening, but it is.  See all the damage that has occurred from a meesley little bark beetle.  There are so many little things in our life that can damage our lives and the potential that we have.  We need to be aware and careful of the "little things".  The scriptures tell us that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass, but the opposite effect is true as well: by small and simple things are great things ruined.  We need to pay attention to the small things that can help if we do them and hurt if we don't.  For example: prayers, scripture study, church attendance, movies we watch, language we use.  None of these seem too huge, but as we make good choices and use these to bless our life we will be protected from these bark beetles, but as we neglect these small things the bark beetles can get to us and ruin hard work.  It's not easy for us to grow, so don't let all your hard work and effort be demolished by a small and simple bark beetle!  Evaluate the small things in your life and see what changes you can make to guard against damage.