Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Looks Like A Nice Place

My dad drives truck for a living.  When I was younger I went on a trip with him.  He happened to be going to Los Angeles, California.  I am sure that I annoyed him as I every 2 hours or so had to stop and go to the bathroom.  I'm sure he was more ready to be there than I was by the time we got to our destination.  As we drove into Los Angeles this is what I saw (the above picture).  I loved it.  I am from a small town and so this was something that I had never really seen before.  I couldn't help but love the sky-scrapers and beauty of all the buildings.  I said to my dad, "This is so cool!  Can we live here?  I really want to!"  My dad just chuckled.  He knew what the city was really like and what I was soon going to be seeing.  In not very long the scenery changed from beauty to something else.  This is what I was now seeing (well as close as I could find!) :

I didn't like what I was seeing now.  I immediately changed my mind from what I thought before.  I now, no longer wanted to live in Los Angeles.  I turned to my dad and told him never mind.  He laughed some more, a little harder this time.  I'm sure he figured that I would say that once we really got into the city.  

Satan does this to us sometimes, but by the time we get into the city it's hard to get out.  Just as there's tons of traffic in L.A. and it doesn't just take 2 seconds to turn around and get out of there.  Satan is deceptive and makes things look nice until we get into them.  Just as he makes us accept behavior that is far outside of what Heavenly Father wants for us.  We don't need to be deceived as we listen to the prophets and follow the counsel of our church leaders.  Let us all live where we truly want to and not where Satan has deceptively conned us into living.  

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