Friday, September 23, 2011

Leaving our Mark

So, my first name is KaeLynn.  Most of the world knows me as this, but for the last year I've been known to everyone as Sister John!  What an interesting thing it is to be known by a name.  I often think of this name as our mark on the world.  We all know Michael Jordan for his basketball skills, or Rafael Nadal for his tennis skills.  And the list could go on and on.  We hear a name and most of the time it makes us think of a legacy, whether good or bad.  The things we do leave a mark on the world.  Now, the mark we leave may not be a literal mark like this picture, but it leaves a far greater mark than this.  Everything we do defines us and shapes the mark we leave on the world.  People look to you as an example!  Are you leaving the mark you want to be leaving on the world?  I like to think that for the last year or so I have left a different mark on the world than I was leaving when I was in college.  I am out sharing a message about Jesus Christ.  I pray that rather than leaving my name in the sand, or on the world, at this time that I am "scratching his name into the sand".  What mark are you leaving behind? 

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