Friday, August 5, 2011

Kites... and commandments?!

So often in life we think that if only we didn't have rules that we would be so free and we could just "take flight".  Now think of a kite.  It is held down with a string.  Right?!  That's what you would think:  If we were to cut the string the kite would soar.  It would go so much higher than it ever can with that string attached to it.  However, this is a thought that completely doesn't happen.  When a kite's string is cut the kite plows into the ground.  The same goes with our lifes.  If we were not to have any commandments, we would not do nearly as well as we do when we have commandments to help us.  The commandments are not to "hold us down" but to allow us to "fly high".  The commandments don't bind us, but they free us.  We need guidelines to follow to stay free and not become ensnared.  These commandments are such blessings.  Next time you are tempted to "cut the strings" and "fly high" just remember a kite and what happens when it's strings are cut.  The same thing happens to us.  Allow the commandments to bless your life.

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